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My trip to Uganda

Later today I head to Uganda for a couple of weeks. My wife Hannah is already there so I’m eagerly looking forward to getting there. Don’t get me wrong, I love my like in the UK, but the idea of heading back to Uganda feels like I’m heading home for two weeks.

Since Hannah’s been there she’s be doing a little more research for her PhD and spending quite a lot of time checking up on a little bit of HOPE (Uganda). While I’m there I have a fairly packed teaching programme with Busolwe Pentecostal Church and will also be working with Board of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) – mostly on fun topics such as governance and accountancy. However, we’ll also be developing some exciting projects for the future.

For those of you who are interested (hi grandma, hi mum and dad!), here’s an outline of my itinerary.

Friday 22nd
Arrive and spend 24 hours with Hannah in Jinja (probably the nicest town in Uganda).

Saturday 23rd
Head to Busolwe and have a (long)meeting with Ivan (Chair of the Board) where we’ll come up with a plan of action for the week. This is followed by a meeting with Pastor Mujjere (Busolwe Pentecostal Church). This, amongst other things, will give me an opportunity to find out how the implementation of the Purpose Driven Church teaching is going. In the evening we’re having dinner with the leaders of the church.

Sunday 24th
Speaking at Busolwe Pentecostal Church, lunch with my Ugandan family and dinner with friends.

Monday 25th
I’ll spend the morning with Josephine, the administrator of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) reviewing admin and accounting systems. I’ll be having a lunch meeting with Ivan before visiting the orphanage we support in the afternoon to spend time with the staff and management team. Next, I’ll be visiting a tailoring school we support before we have dinner with Pastor Mujjere and his wife Grace.

Tuesday 26th
In the morning I’ll be visiting two school we are developing good relationships with. In the afternoon I’m running a training session on proposal writing aimed at people who would like to apply for an a little bit of HOPE grant. In the evening I’ll be doing a training session with the Board of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda). The final meeting of the day is with Vincent, a member of the Board (the one that a little bit of HOPE supported through a computer course). I’ll be talking to him about developing IT training for the local community and some ideas for water projects for 2013.

Wednesday 27th
In the morning I’ll be visiting a youth group tree planting project – led by the boy in the Abbey National jacket! And I’ll also visit the first two boreholes that a little bit of HOPE raised the money to repair. We’ll then be having lunch with Hannah’s Ugandan family, speaking at the Senda Church plant (the one that inspired the Loud and distorted blog series) and having dinner at Mr Hirome’s.

Thursday 28th
During the day I’ll be leading a training day for 40 church leaders from the Butaleja area. The subject for the day will be ‘The Next Generation’. In the evening we have the first AGM of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda).

Friday 29th
Another day of teaching at Busolwe Pentecostal Church – possibly with an open invite, or possibly just for leaders again. I’ll be working through the book of Jonah. In the evening I’ll be meeting with a small group of people to plan our Christmas fundraising campaign, “The widows of Bugosa”.

Saturday 30th
The morning will be spent with the Board and Members Committee for some vision casting and blue sky thinking. Then in the afternoon will be the ‘official opening’ of the children’s church building at Busolwe Pentecostal Church. And it’s suddenly dawned on me that I’ll need to prepare a speech and a sermon for it!

Sunday 1st
Speaking at Busolwe Pentecostal Church in the morning, having lunch with friends and then speaking at a rural church in the afternoon. Finally, to top and tail my time in Busolwe perfectly, we are having dinner with Ivan!

Monday 2nd
Leave Busolwe and head to Jinja where we’ll spend the day processing and planning.

We will then spend a couple of days on an island in the River Nile having a little holiday. Finally, we’ll have a day in Kampala before flying home during the day on Friday 6th.

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By day I work for the Evangelical Alliance, by night I lead a small charity called a little bit of HOPE.

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