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IYN Summer Camp 2012

Welcome to the IYN Summer Camp 2012 page! The aim of this page is to enable all those who were at this year’s camp to download the teaching material. However, if you weren’t at this year’s camp please feel free to look around.

Not all the notes are here yet, but I will do my best to get them all online by the end of July!

When it comes to live and also when it comes to Christianity, many of us miss out, because we don’t experience the full 360 degree panoramic view. We just focus on some aspects of it, rather than all of it. Best case scenario we miss out, worst case scenario our incomplete view of the Christian faith causes us to misunderstand God and his purposes.

The theme of this year’s camp was ‘360°’. We attempted to get a panoramic view of various aspects of the Christian faith.

Session 1, Bible 360° | the whole biblical story
It’s important that we get to grips with the whole of the Bible, not just a few parts, especially not just the few parts we particularly like!

View a summary of the talk.

View a resource called ‘The Big Picture’ that provides an overview of the story of the Bible and how it connects to our lives.

Session 2, Discipleship 360° | whole-life discipleship
We’ll think about how following Jesus should affect your whole life, not just a part of it.

View a summary of the talk.

Session 3, Gospel 360° | the whole gospel
Is your understanding of the gospel too small? A 90° gospel will affect a quarter of your life, where as a 360° gospel will affect the whole of your life.

> View a summary of the talk

Session 4, Mission 360° | whole-life mission
Mission shouldn’t be something we do when we go somewhere, nor is it something that should be left to the experts. Neither should it just be something you do every-now-and-then with other people from your church, your whole life should be mission.

> View a summary of the talk.

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