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I'm sorry, I haven't blogged for a long time. I hope to start again very soon, but until then, enjoy the archives!

How much confidence do you have in the gospel? (Part 2, Knowledge of the gospel: Is your gospel too small?)

You may like to read part 1, the introduction, first! In Uganda, I was preaching at a church planting ‘crusade’ in a village called Senda. After my talk, people were … Continue reading

15/05/2012 · 2 Comments

How much confidence do you have in the gospel? (Part 1, Introduction)

How much confidence do you have in the gospel? By Gospel I mean, “Good news of Jesus”. So, how much confidence do you have in the good news of Jesus? … Continue reading

14/05/2012 · 3 Comments

What happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas

You may know this, but I’ve written a book-type-thing, and it’s published next week. Therefore, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little bit about what it’s … Continue reading

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KONY 2012 Part 2 “Beyond Famous” is better by far

KONY 2012 was a viral sensation. Its rise to fame was phenomenal, but then there was the backlash. A whole host of questions were asked about the organisation (Invisible Children) … Continue reading

05/04/2012 · 2 Comments

77 hours later (#lent77)

This Lent I decided to listen to the entire Bible – all 77 hours of it – mainly while I commuted to and from work. Amazingly, as I travelled home … Continue reading

04/04/2012 · 1 Comment

66 books in 66 tweets

This Lent I decided to listen to the entire Bible. Along the way I summarised every book of the Bible in a Tweet.  Click here to read my reflection on … Continue reading

04/04/2012 · 3 Comments

Reverse Missionaries

When I first heard about the BBC2 series Reverse Missionaries, I was excited. While in Uganda, my standard introduction in any church I spoke at was all about the idea … Continue reading

29/03/2012 · 1 Comment

We need to take social media more seriously…

…because it’s changing the world. The cautionary tale states that if you put a frog in a pan of boiling water it will jump out, but, if you put a … Continue reading

15/03/2012 · 1 Comment

Hope and redemption at ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’

As a group of British pensioners, disenfranchised by life, find themselves together at a not-so-exotic retirement hotel inIndia, we enjoy a light-hearted, but poignant tale, of hope and redemption. At … Continue reading

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Post Script: Taste and see that the Lord is good

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post about the danger of festering doubt. As I continued to think about the importance of dealing with doubt I remembered a previous … Continue reading

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Warning: don’t let doubt fester

It appears to me that doubt and asking questions is a lot more acceptable in most churches in the UK today than it was in the past. This, generally speaking, … Continue reading

27/02/2012 · 3 Comments

Imagine Church and Churchill’s nodding dog, a book review

I read quite a lot of books, and quite a lot of them are on subjects related to church growth / health. I would recommend Neil Hudson’s book, Imagine Church, … Continue reading

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