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I'm sorry, I haven't blogged for a long time. I hope to start again very soon, but until then, enjoy the archives!


In 2008 and 2009 I spent some time working with Scripture Union developing, editing and writing a new youth (14-18s) group resource. These are avaliable to purchase (in book form – follow links) or view for free online at (you’ll need to register – for free – first).

SUbstance Volume 1 (co-author / editor)
Foundation module – Grasp the panorama of the Bible message – creation / fall / exodus / exile / incarnation / ressurrection.
Spirituality module – Introduction to spirituality essential – Bible/prayer/worship/church.

SUbstance Volume 2 (author / editor)
Kingdom:guide – A four part introduction exploring the kingdom of God.
Kingdom:living – A six part module delving into the Sermon on the Mount.

SUbstance Volume 3 (editor only)
Calling and Promise – A six-part module discovering how God reveals his nature and will through calling people to live in relationship with him.
Jesus: encounters – A four-part module exploring three life-transforming encounters with Jesus and one unhappy man.

SUbstance Volume 4 (author)
Truth and life – A crash course on Christian belief and living.
Introducing the prophets – A short guide to God’s controversial spokesmen.

SUbstance Volume 5 (co-author)
New life – A six-part in-depth look at Paul’s letter to early Christians living in Colossae. (I didn’t write this module)
Reluctant evangelist? – A four-part module learning from the adventures of God’s grumpy messanger, Jonah. (I wrote all of this module)

SUbstance Volume 6 (author)
Authentic Jesus – A seven-part module tha seeks to reveal the truth about Jesus.
Bittersweet life – A three-part module exploring the meaning of life in Ecclesiastes.

SUbstance Volume 7 (author)
Cross purposes – A four-part module that explores the life-changing message of the cross.
Early church – Six sessions delving into the life of the early church.

The following youth group resources were published by Kevin Mayhew. I have to confess I’m now a little embarrassed by them! However, I still hear of people using them and finding them helpful.

Icebreakers (2005): More than 300 ‘getting to know you’ group activities and questions.

REL8 (2004): Eight sessions to help 11-16 year olds explore relationships from a biblical perspective. 

Synergy (2002): The ulimate cell group guide.

X=Life (2004): Group sessions for 11s-16s looking at life, its meaning, God – and what all this has to do with them.

X=Growth (2005): Group sessions for 11-16s,helping them to explore and develop their faith.

X=Action (2005): Group sessions for 11s – 16s equipping young people to transform lives.



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